Mission Statement

Our goal is to curate, archive and consolidate news from various sources that still retain some journalistic integrity.

Although the sources we may pull from have their bias, we feel that they still report news in a fairer and more accurate manner; ie: Brietbart, Town Hall or Gateway Pundit

News outlets that we find to be void of any remaining integrity are: CNN, NBC, New York Times and others.

Who We Are


We will be providing news in a centralized location as we archive it.  With journalistic standards seemingly falling by the wayside, due to censorship or other means, we feel there is a need to protect news from outside influence.


We’re Americans and we love America.  We feel the time is right to fix media and journalism in this country.  We are at new lows.

Official “Bullshit Callers”.

Our second goal beyond curation is calling out the mainstream media for its bullshit and propaganda.  You may have heard the term “Lügenpresse” in the news recently.  Mainstream media loves to lie to you and fabricate stories, and paint others who point it out as the liars.  We’ll be curating and pointing out all the examples we can find.

Who We Are Not

Journalists and Reporters.

Our goal is to curate and archive news, not report or write it.  However, we will be posting editorials from time to time.  Editorials reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily the site as a whole.

Hackers and Leakers.

That is not a lifestyle we are about.  Everything we do here is above board and follows the law of the United States of America.  We’re patriots, not criminals.  Although leaks are important to the world, and news posts reporting on such may be archived here, no leak or breaking story will originate from New Right News.  Please do not solicit us with offers.

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