Roy S. Moore is fighting battles on two fronts. First, he is fighting against his party’s wishes to disqualify him as their candidate. He is also fighting against the Democratic candidate in the state of Alabama senatorial seat. Late on Friday, it emerged that Senate Republicans were looking for ways through which they can block his path to Congress. This meant even exploring extraordinary ways to ensure that he drops out. This comes after the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice was accused of sexually assaulting four women. The women were in their teenage years while Mr. Moore was in his 30s. However, the Republican candidate said that he would not back down from the race. He was speaking during an interview with radio presenter Sean Hannity. While Mr. Moore didn’t deny that he once dated teenagers, he told the Fox News host, Mr. Hannity who even endorsed his candidacy that he never did the things that he has been accused of. He categorically denied touching the woman who has been identified as Leigh Corfman. These accusations emerged when the story was published in the Washington Post. Mr. Moore is said to have touched a 14-year-old Ms. Leigh. He termed the accusations as politically motivated and said that he had never met the mentioned woman.

Earlier in the day, Senate Republicans though their advisors sent text messages and emails to prevent the special 12th December election. Others opted for phone calls to the Alabama governor discussing the issue. Some suggested that they would not seat the senator if elected. Senate Majority leader and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnel refused to comment whether he would seat the Republican candidate if he emerges as the winner. He also refused to address the possibility of a write-in campaign for the outgoing Alabama Senator Luther Strange. The latest accusations have seen the Senate Republican arm withdraw from the race. With the arm being overseeing by Mitch McConnel, the Senate Majority leader said that he had withdrawn from an earlier agreement to work with Mr. Moore’s campaign. At the same time, Utah Senator Mike Lee and Montana Senator Steve Daines decided to rescind their endorsements. This a seat that was once held by the current attorney general Jeff Sessions. There are worries that the Democratic candidate will win the seat. His name is Doug Jones, and this means that the Republican majority in the Congress will be reduced to just one.