President Trump has been on the road for the past one week visiting Japan, South Korea, China, and Japan. During his travel through the geopolitical minefields of Asia, he remained disciplined and measured. He stuck to every word that had been written in his scripts. The weekend proved difficult for Mr. Trump to hold his composure as he took to Twitter doing what he does best. In the early hours on Sunday, the president decided to attack the critics that linked him with the Russian investigations. He called them fools and haters. He also took time to ridicule crooked Hilary Clinton as he has always referred to her. She was addressing her efforts to reset America relations with Russia. He couldn’t finish tweeting without mentioning Kim Jong-un who referred to him as old. The president fired back calling him fat and short. He, however, said that he had been restraining himself from using those words. After the tweeting, he had a freewheeling session with journalists who had traveled with him on Air Force One. He said that the Russian meddling was a Democratic job. He also dismissed a report by American intelligence services that the past election was hacked by Russians. Some people speculated that the president might have been tired and this might have played a part in the changed demeanor.

At the same time, the fact that the First Lady was left in China might have played a part. She has had a moderating influence on Donald Trump, and she was left on tour to the Great Wall of China. He said that he did not dispute the reports of American intelligence agencies. In a sideline meeting with Vladimir V. Putin, Mr. Trump said that the Russian president felt insulted every time he was asked whether his country interfered with the US elections. He said that it doesn’t matter whether he believes the intelligence of American agencies. What matters is that he stands by them. Mr. Trump further said that they have work to do. He said that the world was broken and shattered and it was time to heal everything. The tweets only made work harder for White House officials who have enjoyed a calm period during the president’s tour in China, South Korea, and Japan. Chief of staff for the White House John F. Kelly said that he didn’t pay attention to the president tweets. He further insisted that he had directed his staff to desist from any distraction.