While promoting his new book, “ former Vice President Joe Biden invaded the personal space of NBC Stay Tuned host Savannah Sellers for its entire duration.

While Sellers does her best to act casual as Biden stands less than a foot away from her, one can’t help but cringe watching the interview at times.

NBC News served up the clip with the tag line, “Former Vice President Biden talks about his regrets, DACA, and whether or not he’ll run in 2020 with NBC Stay Tuned host Savannah Sellers.”

Sellers kicks off the interview by asking Biden how he selected the title of his book. Biden explains the title is based off his son Beau Biden’s urging that he remain engaged in public policy.

“There is hope in purpose,” Biden tells Sellers while tightly squeezing her hands.

Biden then laughs off how at times its hard to watch President Trump govern.

Biden, leaning in closely to Sellers, then rips President Trump’s position on DACA.

“These kids are Americans!,” Biden says.

The former Vice President concedes calling DACA recipients “America,” sounds “corny.”

Sellers then asks Biden if he regrets not running in 2016.

“No, because I knew I wasn’t emotional ready,” Biden admits.

Pressed if he will run in 2020, Biden told Sellers “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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