Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Campos, was supposed to appear on Sean Hannity’s show at 9pm est tonight but canceled on the Fox News host.

“How come @seanhannity didn’t run the interview tonight?,” tweeted reporter Laura Loomer.

“He cancelled,” responded Hannity.

And now this…

Not only did Jesus Campos not show up for his Hannity interview — He went missing.

An armed guard was outside the Jesus Campos’s home on Wednesday.
Investigative reporter Laura Loomer visited the home of Mandalay Bay hero Jesus Campos.

Laura posted the entire video online.

Laura spoke with the security guard at Jesus Campos’s home.

The guard would not say who is paying his company to guard the home. But it does not look like the FBI or government has hired the man.

On Thursday night Laura Loomer paid a second home visit to Jesus Campos’s home in Las Vegas.
Jesus is missing.

ABC reporter Stephanie Walsh reported earlier that Jesus went missing.

Jesus Campos was set to do five interviews tonight but went missing.

This is getting crazy.

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