On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber,” Clinton aide Philippe Reines argued that Clinton could have won the election if not for Russia and that Russia is one of a few factors that, if it could be changed, would have altered the impact of the election.

Melber asked Reines, “Was trade and TPP a big factor in her loss?” Reines responded, “Absolutely, yes.”

Melber then asked, “Do you think she could have won if Russia didn’t hack the election?” Reines said, “Yes.”

Melber then followed up if Clinton would have won if not for Russia. Reines answered, “I think there are a number of factors: including Jim Comey, Putin not minding his business, third — the historical curse of third term. I think any of those things, if you could change them. She lost by 70,000 votes in three states.”

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