Many people choose to include gold in their portfolios when planning for a sound financial future. Gold may seem out of reach for some, but thanks to knowledgeable companies like U.S. Money Reserve, it’s easy to gain access to numerous forms of this timeless metal.


U.S. Money Reserve provides a way to purchase precious metals, including U.S. government–issued gold coins. Led by Philip N. Diehl, the 35th director of the U.S. Mint, U.S. Money Reserve understands the opportunities that come with owning gold, silver, and platinum. These precious metals are outside the banking system, meaning unlike paper assets, this form of wealth protection is not subject to the same degree of market inflation and deflation.


Although experts disagree on whether owning gold is the best way to secure your future financially, there are several recognized benefits of making this commodity one of your preferred assets.


  1. Retains Intrinsic Value

Gold is often referred to as a “safe haven asset” since the precious metal can serve as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty. No matter where you go, gold is recognized as having an intrinsic value based on metal content and has been viewed as desirable long before the first “real money” was ever minted. Experienced account executives at U.S. Money Reserve know that “physical gold can be privately accumulated, easily liquidated, and traded worldwide.” This private form of wealth is a great way to safeguard your savings by using tangible asset—outside of the banking system.


  1. Doesn’t Disappear When Stocks Dip

A 2016 article in the Money section of Time reinforced the stability of gold’s track record with its report of the metal’s performance during the U.S. economic dip of 2007 and 2008. As stocks and the general state of the economy declined in 2007, gold’s price increased by 24 percent. By contrast, the stock market went down 22 percent. This inverse relationship is seen throughout much of recent financial history.


  1. Diversifies Portfolios

Being a smart buyer means not putting all your financial eggs into one metaphorical basket. Adding gold to your assets provides stability while promoting diversity. Because gold has shown to increase during downturns in the stock market, gold can balance out potential losses in your portfolio.


The converse is also true. Gold prices can sometimes drop for no discernible reason, such as when prices took a 28-percent dip in 2013. When similar changes happen, the rest of your portfolio can be busy generating income until the price of gold rises again.


  1. Stays Private

Between credit cards, online banking, and “smart pay” apps, it’s nearly impossible to conduct an untraceable financial transaction anymore. Gold being a tangible asset ensures that it’s one of the few assets you can hold with virtual anonymity, and it can’t be stolen by hackers even if your identity as a whole is compromised. With the right method of storage, gold can serve as a private reserve of funds for just about any situation.


  1. Protects Against Unrest

No one wants to have to prepare for the worst-case scenario, but there are times when disaster seems to simmer just under the surface in an unstable world.


“These hotbeds of volatility are not only a threat to world order and global markets but pose a very real hazard to your portfolio,” says John Rothans, Master Numismatist with U.S. Money Reserve. “Throughout history, gold has functioned as the world’s de-facto safety net. It thrives in tough economic climates and has proven to be a reliable and predictable hedge against rising inflation, volatile stocks, a deepening recession, and a weakening dollar.”


Durable and long-lasting, this tangible, safe-haven asset is a smart addition to protect your portfolio.


Consider your current financial situation and future plans to assess whether gold can improve your portfolio. Talk with a knowledgeable adviser and look for reputable sources from which to obtain precious metals should you choose to make a purchase. U.S. Money Reserve is one option to turn to when seeking a trustworthy, established distributor. The company offers an online shop where wealth planners can browse their stock. With secure shipping, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a buy-back guarantee, this private company has become a popular source for learning about and purchasing gold coins.


As long as it’s purchased from a trustworthy dealer and is stored safely, gold can be a smart asset in your financial future. Durability and proven performance give gold an advantage over paper money, and the universal nature of its appeal can help ensure you always have a reliable form of currency.


If you are looking to diversify with a low-risk form of wealth protection that can safeguard your savings in an uncertain global political climate and is completely private, look into adding tangible precious metals like gold to your portfolio.


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